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EGYsystems is a leading Web Applications development company with strong focus on service quality and client satisfaction. s To provide clients with world class software technology that optimizes business processes, maximizes productivity and maintains customer satisfaction.
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Many hoteliers agree on the need to plan their IT expenditures. However, they have questions: What is the cost of converging existing applications onto IP? Which services can I run over the same existing network? What service advantages can I expect? What is the top-line revenue potential?

Select see ourselves as technology consultants to the hotel industry. We advise you on the use of your networking technologies, technology selection and standardization. Whatever your strategic priorities are, we want to make sure that your expenditures become economically sound strategic investments.

The hotel business has specific needs, and within the industry every hotel has unique requirements. This is why we conduct a needs analysis for every individual hotel.


  • conduct a technical assessment of your current network infrastructure
  • examine its viability based on today’s and your future business needs
  • investigate the life-cycle of your current software, hardware, and network equipment
  • Complete understanding and fulfilling client's expectations.
  • Transparency of operations and high-level emphasis on clear communication with client.

From our analysis, we will propose a technology roadmap that fits your needs and your specific situation. Once engaged, Select will be your technology partner all the way down the road. Along the road converged networks lead to the consolidation of guest entertainment and voice services, CCTV, climate control, door locks, mini-bars and many more.

  • Reduced costs
    • Obtain all network-related services from one source
    • Benefit from synergies by integrating existing networks and equipment
    • Optimize your staff expenditure and reduce your Cap-ex investments in IT.
  • Lower business risks
    • Competitiveness: We keep you current with technology, so you do not fall behind and lose your competitive edge.
    • Security: We make sure both you and your guests’ systems and information are protected.
  • Improved service quality
    • Improve the performance and efficiency of your company's entire IT infrastructure.
    • Be more flexible to work with the latest technologies available on the market.
  • More control and focus
    • Get an overview of critical business processes.
    • Adapt your IT quickly and cost-efficiently to new business requirements.
    • Allow yourself to concentrate on your core business.