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Customers have more information, choices and power than ever before. Market-leaders know that survival depends on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) being at the center of their marketing, sales and service strategies. If they don't get CRM, they can't win. Paranet is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to companies all over the world. Specializing in operational and analytical CRM we solve complex business problems through:

Successful delivery of a Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution should only be measured by increased revenue results and higher-levels of profitability. This can only be achieved through user adoption of the SFA solution by your sales force. But user adoption can only occur if administrative tasks are off-loaded and your front line sales workers are empowered to better target prospects, close deals and make sales. At Paranet we understand that the key to SFA success is balancing the needs of your customers, sales force and management, while delivering value for each participant in a simple, easy-to-use application. Which is why we partner with best-of-breed SFA solution providers, SFA solution providers, Infor CRM Epiphany and Microsoft Dynamics. Drawing upon on our broad and deep experience in the delivery of SFA solutions, we can empower your sales force with tools that are intuitive, functionally rich and integrated with your core business operations. For salesforce.com customers, our unique solution workshops will enable you to maximize your employees' productivity while making the most of your technology investment.